domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Laura Bosco - Ethiopian Leader, Camp Adwa 2015

Camp Adwa is not just a place, it is an opportunity to make the world a better place!

Camp Adwa is the result of many kind people who worked so hard for months  to create a better future for the children of Adwa. Education is the key for change and camp Adwa gives education for children. Children learn English in the camp. My favorite thing about the camp was the teaching method.

The teaching methods that are used in the camp Adwa is different from the regular schools in the country. In regular schools, the teacher enters the class, write something on the blackboard, talk about it until the time is finished, the students copy what is written on their books and end of the lesson. Unlike, in the camp, songs, games, pictures, dances and different activities are used to teach which is fun for the kids.It makes them alive and eager to learn new things each day. And the best thing about it is that they will never forget what they learn this way. They still sing the songs of the camp in the school and oratorio. They still play the games they learnt in the camp and they still talk about their teachers and friends.

They will never forget the experience of the camp, we will never forget (it is guaranteed!)

Camp Adwa is not only about teaching English for children but also learning many things from other people. I meet different people from different place with different language and culture, people who are willing to share their precious time with others without expecting anything in return, people who give what they have without greed. And by being with them I learned many things like team work, patience, generosity, kindness and so on. Talking with them, laughing with them, joking, playing, dancing, singing...those are experience that I never forget. With all the laugher and beautiful smiles, sometimes I don't even realize I am far away from home.

It makes me forget how tired I was the day before and sometimes it makes me wish to live like that forever. The secret for the success of the camp was Love.

No mater who we are or where we are from, we all have love in our vein (after all we all are human beings) and that is what makes us one! Love!(the  energizer of the camp).

Of course there where challenges. Sometimes it is not easy like how it looks and sometimes it feels like all the hard work is for nothing and useless. Some might think camp Adwa is a failure. But as the nail gets stronger when the hammer hits it on the head, Camp Adwa gets stronger when challenge hits it. Because challenge is one of our lesson in the camp. And the beautiful smile of the children, the love, a hug from a friend give the courage not to give up and to keep going until the end.

I could keep writing and writing for hours. Because there is so much to tell about the camp. But I only want to say one last thing.

I believe Camp Adwa can make a big difference in the life of Adwa's children and together we can make great things.

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